With new crypto projects launching almost every day, it can be challenging to promote your own crypto business and establish a brand to reckon with in this highly competitive space. This blog will discuss some of the most important crypto marketing strategies for getting ahead in this industry.

Launching a crypto project and marketing it is two altogether different tasks, even though both require meticulous planning and a swift execution process. Crypto and Blockchain projects are born every day and they’re all competing for attention in this highly competitive market. To set yourself apart from the crowd, you need a smart crypto marketing strategy that will help guide your project toward success while also keeping it free of distractions.  An effective Crypto marketing guide is critical when establishing relationships with potential investors or partners and even establishing early credibility by following strategic marketing practices.

If you have just launched a crypto project and wish to understand the strategic marketing practices that will take your project to the next level then read this blog. In this article, we would cover all the functional and effective crypto marketing strategies which will take your crypto project from scratch to becoming a trend.

What is crypto marketing?

Crypto marketing entails the implementation of the right marketing tools and taking up organic traffic-driven efforts with the purpose of enhancing brand awareness, acquiring new users, or driving growth for a cryptocurrency or blockchain-related product. The traditional approach often does not work well when it comes to executing campaigns that promote cryptocurrencies. Hence, marketers need to execute other strategies necessary in order to create successful open blockchain-driven businesses.  

What is the need for crypto marketing?

Cryptocurrency is an innovative technology that has the potential to change how we do business, revolutionizing the way we conduct financial transactions and interact with each other. There are over 7,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation today – and more are being created every day! Cryptocurrency is different from other financial instruments in many ways and people also have varying opinions on which currency or coin should become most widely adopted by retailers around the world. As cryptos become all the rage, companies all over the world are raising funds through initial coin offerings (ICOs). This new way to raise money for your business has leveled the playing field – anyone can do it! An entrepreneur does not only need venture capital anymore because cryptocurrency allows them to get funding from anywhere around the globe without giving up equity percentages they may not want.

With Crypto garnering increased traction over the years, blockchain-based startups and entrepreneurs in this burgeoning space are also facing severe pressure to get market visibility in this crowded space. As competition intensifies, initial coin offering providers, mining, blockchain, and decentralized finance (DeFi) service providers, and other crypto players need to adopt the best possible marketing strategy.

Relevance of Crypto marketing

Crypto Marketing is the key to building and maintaining consumer demand for cryptocurrency and driving a clear marketing message while also building trust. In order to succeed it’s necessary to have access to relevant marketing education as well as subject matter expertise that can be delivered at the right time in an engaging way online through user experience innovation.

Crypto marketers can use marketing techniques like SEO, social media ads, or PR campaigns in addition to their newest frontier such as inbound marketing. Crypto marketing provides a unique service to help crypto companies differentiate themselves in the market and build awareness of their products. They do this by creating content that drives leads, conversions into sales, or other business opportunities for clients with innovative technologies such as blockchain platforms.

Tricky nature of crypto marketing 

Crypto marketing has never been more challenging than it is now as new dimensions are added and dynamics in the crypto world are constantly changing. The crypto space is moving so quickly and there is always something new coming out, which makes slipping through the cracks almost impossible these days. Blockchain and cryptocurrency start-ups are risky by nature and they have to invest wisely to market their business, irrespective of the industry they cater to in order to survive the fierce competition.

Reports show that nearly the majority of crypto firms fail to make a mark. Some fail to implement their product mission and visionary goals, while many crypto firms fail to launch the real product in the market, and even when some do they are found not to be a good product-market fit. Often some crypto market firms launch products whose relevance has reduced or has been lost with the dynamically evolving times. Crypto start-ups also fail largely because of the wrong marketing approach. It can be quite a tricky task to market your crypto project these days. Here are some of the most commonly observed challenging factors that crypto players may face in the digital marketing world:

⊛ Most crypto start-ups fail to register any worthy sales as they do not have the right content strategy, videos, podcasts, social media articles, case studies, reviews, and PR for them.

⊛ Crypto marketing is technically advanced and hence requires good investment. It is important to find an experienced and expert online marketing team to handle crypto marketing tasks with great efficiency.

Crypto scams have prompted organizations such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others to impose paid advertisement limitations

⊛ Majority of crypto firms fail to implement the right SEO strategy as they lack a good understanding of how it works.

⊛ It can prove to be dangerous for a crypto firm to hire the services of an amateur marketing firm who are not adept at changing their strategy as per the changing trends. Given the fact that the crypto industry is highly volatile and unpredictable, it is important to set up a smart marketing team that can bring in good returns on your investment by continuously updating and offering products and services that are in line with the continuously changing trends

marketing strategies for Crypto and Blockchain companies:

The majority of crypto companies design their marketing plans focused solely on the objective of reaching a certain number of followers on social networks and their communities. However, this goal is not entirely correct if you wish to provide real problem-solving solutions.

Crypto marketing

This post will help you understand the nuances involved with running an effective online marketing campaign for your cryptocurrency start-up. Spending only on a few ads may not yield the desired marketing results. Crypto firms need to have a complete marketing strategy in place that involves different marketing verticals. Following the right marketing approach can set your crypto asset apart in a highly competitive space and also enhance the brand visibility of your project, thus accelerating real-world adoption.  

Crypto marketing is not just about the number of followers but rather, it’s all about what you need for your project. Forget about follower count and focus on these essentials!

1. Keep your audience engaged    

The excitement of opening a gift is something that everyone feels. But if you want to make your audience more eager and excited before they receive it, then have them follow along with each event in the process as well as any achievements attained during those events by sticking close on public timelines for example when launchpad will happen or what platform we’ll use!

When you are about to launch your own crypto project, it’s important that the anticipation and hype around this time are just as high. You need people excitedly waiting on tenterhooks for news so they can invest early into what could be a huge success story! This means pushing updates constantly-informing them when milestones were reached or new plans devised. You can use calendar sites to send updates to our users about the projects or also support your project on important social media sites.   

2. Put in place referral programs to incentivize recommendations  

Referral programs are a powerful marketing tool for businesses that want to promote their products. Among all other marketing channels, this word-of the mouth marketing has the highest conversion and retention rate.  The math behind it is quite simple- we always trust a service or a product when it is being recommended by people whose opinion we value or trust. Incentivize this word-of-mouth marketing with rewards and you will be able to create loyal customers! The referral program has benefits for both the referral and the promoter, thus a win-win situation for everyone involved in this form of marketing.

Besides referral programs, another highly powerful way to market your software is through affiliate marketing. This type of program brings in more traffic as affiliates often have an existing customer base and it works really well with SaaS because you can easily set up campaigns that send them customers who are interested! Some giants like Binance and Coinbase also have affiliate marketing besides having referral programs.

3. Let’s do Airdrops

The presence of airdrop scams run by some unethical people has brought down the popularity of airdrops as a good marketing tool. Nonetheless, airdrop marketing activity can create quite a buzz. If you want your project to be seen and used by many people, then an airdrop is one way that can help. Free distribution of cryptocurrency will capture attention just like any other form of marketing- which means it could increase reach for the recipient while generating cash in return!

4. Use social networks   

One of the most important tactics to achieve crypto marketing success is social media marketing, and it doesn’t stop at just one channel: you should be active on all major networks such as Reddit, Twitter, or Facebook! You can also use YouTube for video content that will get more viewers per month.   It is also a good idea to start using platforms such as Steemit and Publish0x to capture the attention of more and more crypto enthusiasts.  Check out the platforms with high audience views and popular with crypto enthusiasts. Use those platforms to circulate ads about our project and promote your business.

5.  Crypto influencers can boost your business

If budget is not much of a constraint then you could also think about hiring the services of crypto influencers and leveraging their popularity to spread the word about your project. Crypto influencers are a great way to reach your ideal prospects if they have the right social media accounts. They are more trustworthy than projects because of their standing within crypto communities, which makes them very influential and motivationally powerful! They help you reach your target audience and inspire them to take action, just as they would with traditional forms of advertising methods that rely on word-of-mouth promotion. Famous people in this space can help boost awareness while also motivating users into making purchases.

6. Email marketing

An appropriate email marketing strategy can make all the difference between success and failure for your crypto project. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are always on the lookout for ways to grow their investments. One of the most effective marketing techniques is email campaigns that can work wonders in getting new customers, thus promoting your business to new heights. However, not all users know how to best use them or what makes one campaign better than another. It is important to follow the right tactics to deliver valuable information in an engaging way without spamming inboxes with company messages.  

The power behind this technology does not lie only in its ability to generate revenue. Marketers can also measure performance metrics such as open rates, track deliverables per opens, click-through which gives businesses much clearer insights into where potential customers’ attention may lie otherwise.

7. Crypto Communities

In the world of blockchain and crypto, communities can be seen as a significant source of progress, if used in the right way. The community provides strong foundations for projects’ success as individuals forming a part of the relevant crypto community can promote their crypto project there with the right set of tools. Crypto communities can be used to not only educate other people about the project but also help raise funds and create content. 

Supportive communities offer opportunities for members to engage in discussions and promote their projects by organizing meetups, answering questions in Discord and Telegram, and tweeting about events on Twitter. The community is the face behind every crypto and blockchain-based initiative, so communities should always remain important to developers who want their projects to succeed. Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and Discord are very popular social media communities where crypto enthusiasts are suggested to direct the majority of their marketing budget and attention.  

8. Build a subscriber list

Many people are still unaware of the benefits that come with sending out emails as promotional tools for your project. Email is a powerful way for you to connect and communicate directly, as well as build up your subscriber list which can be essential in future campaigns/initiatives!. Hence, build up an engaged subscriber list from day one of launch, no matter what project you’re working on!

9.    PR and Media Outreach

It is essential to reach out and engage the public, but it’s just as crucial for us to connect with media professionals.  Media professionals are an excellent way of getting information about cryptocurrency onto their desks and into readers’ hands. Reach them through press releases or sponsored stories. If done correctly with PR and media outreach as part of those strategy things should run smoothly from start to finish!

10. Branding

When it comes to branding your project, one way to stand out from the rest is by making sure that you choose a distinct name for it. If possible use simple and creative words in order to make things impactful with potential investors as this will give them more confidence in who they are investing their money into so there aren’t any regrets at all!

11. SEO

With the rise in popularity and accessibility to technology, it is vital for companies seeking attention online to not only have a good PR strategy but also optimize their SEO. The way search engines work nowadays necessitates that you combine both strategies. Without optimizing both of these areas, you will never rank high enough on search engines for people looking up information related to what it is exactly that YOU offer!   

A number of factors impact your company’s SEO rankings, including business reviews and star ratings from the public as well social media mentions or shares on various platforms like Facebook, etc. Keyword use within listings themselves (i e title tags) is also an important factor that one needs to put into consideration while making changes in the communication copies going out from your crypto firm. SEO can not only help your website rank high in search engines but also work wonders in establishing your brand visibility online and creating awareness.   

Final thoughts

Going by the fact that there are new crypto players and projects surfacing in the already-competitive market at a rapid rate, there is a need for existing companies to adopt an extraordinary approach to stand out and cut the noise. An effective cryptocurrency marketing strategy, involving the use of the above tactics and tips can take your crypto project an inch closer to the desired success level.

As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream and their popularity continues to grow, so too does the number of strategies for promoting them – from influencer campaigns or community building through social media management services all the way down towards grassroots digital advertising techniques like ads on local forums!

To succeed in the cryptocurrency market, you must have a community of followers and members. However, it is more important to focus on connecting with your existing user base than simply worrying about the number of followers. Consistently being active in social networks will help in spreading the word about your projects. Engage in discussions and give out relevant opinions on trending topics like technology-based finance which will help grow your community as well!

Marketing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is completely different than that followed in any other industry. Volatility, the newness of blockchain technology, the continuously evolving trends in this new space throw some unique challenges for crypto marketers. Designing an effective marketing strategy is one of the most significant ways for crypto players to overcome challenges and tackle new risks to make a mark and set a strong footing!

A winning crypto marketing strategy is about more than just the latest trends and fads. It’s all about how you creatively engage with your target audience, so get in touch with our experts to help you carve a niche for your crypto company. We are there to help you execute the best crypto marketing practices and strategies! We often do this through innovative yet proven channels- like engaging in communities or designing effective email campaigns that drive signups for events hosted by our clients who are focused on building awareness within these key groups.

Evomantra is a one-stop crypto marketing companion that specializes in generating buzz for your company. We help you tell the story of who YOU are and what makes YOUR business special to clients across all industries, which results not only in increased sales but also in an improved reputation on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, and also SEO, Crypto PR, and much more!

Interested in getting a FREE Marketing Proposal? We’ll give you one based on your website and marketing needs within 24 hours. You can contact us at Support@EvoMantra.Com.


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