Influencer marketing has been one of the hottest trends ruling the marketing world over the last few years and its use in the blockchain space holds the keys for crypto businesses to promote their offerings and accelerate the wave of mainstream adoption.

Overview of influencer marketing

Social media is everywhere these days, and it’s not just for kids anymore. People take every action and word of social media stars and successful YouTubers more seriously than anyone else and thus it becomes important for businesses to find ways to connect with their customers online through such influencers. This is a great way for brands to reach their customers and build relationships with key opinion leaders. 

We recently covered the guide on crypto marketing, and in this article, we aim to expand on the important role that crypto influencer marketing has on crypto projects. In this blog, we would showcase some key examples of influencer marketing and how crypto companies can leverage effective tricks to grow their crypto start-ups. 

If you are missing out on incorporating influencer marketing from your crypto marketing plan then re-evaluate your decision further. Drafting a crypto marketing plan without setting out a budget for crypto influencers can prove to be quite a costly mistake. According to a report by Business Insider Intelligence, the influencer market is set to nearly double in size from $8 billion this year and next. The growth can largely be attributed to an increase in brand affinity among consumers as well as advertising efforts targeting these influential social media users with advertisements they believe will resonate most strongly with their audiences who could then go on to buy products or services themselves.

Influencer marketing is critical for engaging consumers

Influencer marketing is a hot new trend that’s taking over the world. This form of advertisement was first seen in 2010 and has been growing ever since, thanks mainly to social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram where people get their inspiration from influencers with huge followings who create content for them on topics they care about. The ever-growing blockchain industry is finding new ways to leverage the power of this exciting marketing channel. It started with celebrities exercising their star power to influence an audience. The concept of influencer marketing to promote a brand is gaining momentum, thus gradually turning into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Influencer marketing is taking off in a big way. With more people in the public eye following this trend, we’re seeing an explosion of influencers on social media who offer products for sale and advertise them through their own channels to followers–whether it’s via videos or photos posted directly onto platforms like Instagram Stories or YouTube. The rise of influencers these days means that if you want your brand advertised across all sorts of communities then it is best to hire the right influencer for your brand.

When we look at the marketing industry from a global perspective, it’s clear that there is an influencer gold rush taking place. While some people are wary of using these social media stars, others see them as key allies in building reach and engagement with audiences who may otherwise never hear about your product/brand! 

Impact of Crypto influencers on a brand – How does it work?    

Influencers in this domain are the gatekeepers of organic growth and engagement. They have a loyal following that listens to everything they say, trusts their advice, and follows them through thick or thin with an unwavering commitment.

Big NFT Influencers or crypto stars have the power to raise or lower a cryptocurrency’s value with a single piece of content or a video post. Studies show that nearly every buyer will rather buy something based on trusted advice from an influencer than see advertisements. So it is important for you as an investor to not only know who the ruling crypto-YouTube stars are but also make sure you enroll them in your marketing campaigns to make people take note of your crypto project and increase brand awareness.

One of the advantages of having influencers promote your brand is the fact that their content already has an engaged audience. They can access a much larger group and increase project awareness, attracting investors who will help grow your success even more!

Imagine if one influential person on Instagram was promoting your NFT project to his followers? This approach would expose you in front of many potential customers, which means increased exposure for any marketing post or advertisement- it could also attract people interested enough in investing in projects like yours too.

Influencer marketing: Reasons that make it an unavoidable tool for crypto projects 

Blockchain is the future. With crypto innovations coming out on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep up with all the changes in this ever-evolving industry! Crypt innovators and leaders such Sam Bankman-Fried and Serum, who have been at the forefront of innovation and crypto development for years believe that by 2023 there will be 1 billion people using cryptocurrency as their primary investment vehicle, and trillions upon trillions of dollars will be traded via centralized exchanges and decentralized ones.

Given the craze around cryptocurrencies and the way how the next generation of millions of people need to be ushered in this ever-growing space, brands require to foray into mainstream marketing.  Recruiting influencers is the thing to do as influencers are the perfect candidates for building trust in the public domain and also helping brands take their understanding of blockchain from an unknown territory into mainstream culture, making it second nature within a few years’ timeframes!

Many old-school marketing gurus still feel that influencer marketing can only help in creating hype and in some cases, it can work for building the image. However, influencers are no longer just instruments for building up popularity but they are much more than.  According to TopRank Marketing data, influencer marketing is the way forward. With 67% of marketers opting for it as their lead generation strategy and with better ROI than other sources available now — such an omnichannel approach makes sense!

Finally, we are summing up some important reasons why you need to take crypto influencer marketing as the primary marketing channel:


  •  Influencers are a great resource for marketing your crypto company because they speak the language and have an authentic perspective of what it’s like in their desired audience. Influencer-driven content can help you reach new audiences, without having to invest time or money in creating material yourself!
  •  With influencer marketing, you can be sure that only real people will see your site and click on the links. This is perfect for ensuring high levels of organic traffic as well!
  •     Using influencers can be an effective way to get your message in front of new crypto enthusiasts. You will have access to their huge audience that is more engaged and responsive than traditional methods like SEO alone would provide you with!
  •    Influencer marketing is a great way for people to feel like they are part of something that matters. By educating your prospects on how you can use crypto and blockchain for their benefit, where best to buy cryptocurrencies from safely, and what kind of information should be included in order to not only increase their security but also give them an authentic experience with every step taken toward achieving goals together!

 Influencers are often the most trusted source for crypto enthusiasts looking to learn about new products. They can help crypto firms grow their communities and establish themselves as an authority in those spaces, which is why it makes sense that so many companies would want connections with these individuals on behalf of themselves or other projects they’re working on!

Essential tips for a result-oriented crypto influencer marketing campaign  

Influencers are essential to the success of any brand. Hence, it is important to have the right influencer to promote your project, scale-up community interest in your crypto brand and generate awareness for all that is associated with what they represent. In short, as a crypto company, you have to choose influencers who:

  •         Have high credibility and well respected
  •         Shares a similar target market – have an audience demographic similar to your business market 
  •         Align with their core values and mission


Popular case studies of crypto influencers

   Influencers are an effective way to grow your startup. We’ll look at some great examples of how brands use them, and you can learn about the strategies that work for yours!

Choosing Influencers with Credibility and Positive Social Image

FTX, a well-known centralized cryptocurrency exchange founded by Sam Bankman-Fried, has innovative offerings such as options, industry-first derivatives, volatility products, and leveraged tokens. Its substantial growth over the past year alone can be largely attributed to its strategic decision to hire the services of reputed influencers. With the help of this move, it has differentiated itself from the hordes of other competitors and its accelerated rate of development further testifies to the efficiency of influencer marketing working as a better marketing channel.

The reputed exchange company did the wise thing of leveraging the credibility of the iconic couple – Tom Brady and Gisele in promoting their crypto brand. Having the names of such legendary people, who are champions with a large following in their respective fields, associated with one’s brand makes people look at the company with great respect. Both these iconic figures have a history of doing great things and hence their credibility is never questioned in the public domain. To add to it, they are also innovators in their respective fields and hence their philosophy further resonates with the brand’s mission to strive for better innovations. Couple’s association with the brand has undoubtedly captured the attention of more crypto enthusiasts and media as well as also helped to push forward the adoption of blockchain and core values of the crypto exchange giant: effective altruism.

Choosing influencers who has a wider reach to your target audience

One of the top-ranking mobile news and crypto portfolio tracking app Blockfolio was taken over by crypto exchange biggie owned by Sam Bankman for $150 million in 2020. To widen their reach and tap in more US customers, they teamed up with Dave Portnoy of Barstool sports who is one of the most iconic internet personalities today as his sponsorship focused on young people more prone to taking risks when trading cryptocurrencies securities that have made him a household name across America!.

The new influencer partnership between Portnoy and Barstool will target a key demographic- college students, day traders, or male sports enthusiasts. The pairing is ideal for crypto investors who want to get their message out there in this particular niche market of people with money on the line!

Choosing Influencers who Align with Company Values

Choosing people who are leaders in propagating philanthropy, with a focus on aligning themselves directly to the company’s beliefs is also a much more remarkable influencer marketing strategy used by the cryptocurrency exchange company. 

Effective altruism is at the core of Sam’s mission and vision.  The world’s premier cryptocurrency exchange is working with notable names to help them achieve their publicity goals. The influencer partners were chosen for this role because of how important it can be in getting a crypto brand on board, which will now have access not only to do marketing but also to customer acquisition through social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter!

Influencer Marketing

Key Influencer Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2022

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular among marketers, with 58% of them claiming it to be the best form for promoting products or services in 2021. That form of marketing is found to be more effective than other effective marketing tools such as SEO, short-video content and also experiential marketing methods, and so on. In a recent study, it was found that 86% of marketers plan on continuing or increasing their investment in influencer marketing in 2022. However, it is good to note the key influencer marketing trends to include in their promotional plans for the upcoming years. 

  1. Choosing the right influencer – Around 60% of marketers in today’s competitive marketing era face acute challenges when it comes to making a mark when working with an influencer marketing channel. Failure to choose the right influencer often goes against the brand. Sift through the noise by engaging influencers whose personality, credibility, values align with that of your brand. 
  2. Engage Micro-influencers – Collaborating with micro or nano-influencers is a great way to build engagement. These are people who may not have as many followers but their profiles often yield higher levels of responsiveness than those that do, surpassing one million in some cases!
  3. Enter long-term partnerships – Brands must enter into “Long-term collaborations” with influencers to yield better returns for their brands rather than focus on one-off promotions! Brands can trust that these influencers will create quality content, while also gaining more insight into how best to present their products or services through their long-term partnership. 
  4. Focus on video content –  The global digital video viewership data showed that in 2020 there were over three billion internet users of any age who watched streaming or downloaded video via a device at least once per month. This number is projected to increase annually and reach nearly 3.5 billion by 2023 with the current trend staying strong! Seek influencers who are great with publishing amazing videos like Instagram Story, YouTube Video, Facebook reels, and Instagram Video.
  5. Campaign planning – Focus on finding influencers whose audience matches your target audience demographics. 
  6. Paid mediaGo pro with influencer marketing by utilizing paid media strategies to scale your favorite creators. Influencer content is a surefire way to tap into advanced targeting and measurement, conversion optimization  as well building your own audience of people
  7. Innovative content and authenticity – Blockchain brands will have to pay attention to using influencer voices that are more authentic and innovative content creators.


Top 10 Crypto Thought Leaders to Follow on Social Media

In the age of overflowing information, it can be hard to keep track of every trend and every new development. It’s hard enough managing traditional media coverage and alternative sources especially when you are trying to keep pace with the speeding developments in highly complex cryptocurrency and crypto markets.

Crypto has taken the world by a storm, with an increased number of people jumping onto the crypto bandwagon, and hence finding the right influencer is the key for emerging crypto start-ups. In times like these where almost everyone is trying to become a blockchain influencer, here is a list of some of the leading crypto influencers that you should fall back on in order to help you navigate the crypto world with ease.

  1. Vitalik Buterin – Ethereum Co-Founder
  2. Balaji Srinivasan – Former CTO at Coinbase
  3. Roger Ver –  investor in various crypto and blockchain projects
  4. Andreas M. Antonopoulos Bitcoin advocate, tech entrepreneur, and author.
  5. Tim Draper –  American venture capital investor and ranked 10th on Forbes’ 2021 Crypto Rich List
  6. Charlie Lee –  Founder Litecoin
  7. Anthony Pompliano  – Founder of Pomp Investments
  8. Erik Voorhees – CEO & Founder of
  9. Tone Vays –  Bitcoin/Blockchain Analyst, Consultant, Content Creator
  10. Ivan on Tech – runs one of the most successful and trusted blockchain Youtube channels


The above are just a few names in the growing world of crypto influencers and many more are getting added to the list. These thought leaders rank higher up the charts as they effectively use social media platforms to post their opinions, insights, and knowledge, creating the desired marketing results for the brands they are associated with. It was difficult to narrow down this list to only 10 people! The top ten have been selected not just on the basis of their followers’ count but also on how they used different types of channels.  

Top Influencers in the crypto world as mentioned in the list above are influential individuals with a large and strong social media following. They’ve been selected from Twitter and YouTube, as well other platforms such as blogs or magazines that cover cryptocurrency topics remotely closely related to their work. We also wanted this list to include some people not strictly defined by traditional criteria for influencer status but whose opinion on matters relating to cryptocurrencies is respected among those within our community.   

Evomantra’s crypto influencer marketing campaign can help you reach the next level

Crypto influencers are a big part of the crypto community, and it’s important to take their opinion into consideration when building your project. From social media posts to YouTube videos- these people represent what is going on in this space so you better listen up!

Boost your project with a crypto influencers campaign led by Blockwiz, the most innovative marketing agency. We have a large roster of talented and dedicated people who can help you spread the word about your new product or service! Contact us today for more information on what we do best – leading brands into exciting futures where they thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Ending Thoughts: 

 The exponential growth of social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram over the last few years has made it almost impossible to ignore the marketing world buzzword that is influencer marketing. Crypto firms willing to climb up the popularity charts in the shortest time span and create hype for their product and service offerings should explore the crypto influencer marketing channel.

Influencer marketing for crypto projects has been redefined. It’s no longer just about the crypto influencer posting ads and content for your crypto firm. But it’s also a task that must be performed at every stage throughout your project with strategies adopted to meet objectives in mind—and this means building up an engaged community from scratch!

When it is time to start your own campaign, make sure you work closely not just with influencers who hold sway over people likely to invest in cryptos but also share similar long-term goals. 

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