Smart crypto social media marketing strategies can create the right awareness for your crypto brand. Here is the low down on all the crypto social marketing tips and tricks to follow for driving engagements. 

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm these days and almost everyone is talking about it. The hype around bitcoin and crypto is growing and this has much to do with the link between social media and cryptocurrency. With the greater use of social media platforms in promoting crypto projects, the whole media marketing dynamics have changed for crypto entrepreneurs. Blockchain technology seems to be the revolutionary decentralized framework that can become mainstream with mass adoption with the help of social media platforms.

Despite the increased popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain, the technology is yet to turn into a mainstream idea. The mass adoption of blockchain and crypto has since long remained an important goal. However, with just over 300 million crypto users and 70 million blockchain wallet users, the mass implementation of cryptos and blockchain still has a long way to go.

Experts often cite the lack of official recognition from the government, improper understanding of the technology, and volatility as the major deterring factors for the large-scale implementation of blockchain. However, blockchain technology and cryptos provide unprecedented innovations and there are enough reasons for people to jump to these decentralized networks from the centralized ones. The proper use of the best social media platforms for cryptocurrency can bring about the necessary change and lead to increased adoption of cryptos.    

In this blog post, we will take a look at how crypto social media marketing has assumed a greater role in the success of a crypto project. We would also explore the key tools of social media marketing that drive engagement and create awareness for crypto projects.

Social Media Marketing For Crypto

Anyone in the world can now exchange or trade digitized assets, verify digital identities, and also make riches off them, irrespective of borders and without the need for third-party interference thanks to the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The enhanced popularity of this encrypted currency and volatility of its prices turns it into a viable tool to invest in and also a hot topic of discussion on major social media platforms.

Social media serves as a significant tool for crypto entrepreneurs, start-ups in the crypto sphere to network over social media platforms and share their knowledge and views on varied aspects of the rapidly evolving blockchain technology. With the increasing realization of the series of benefits of integrating cryptocurrency in social media, more and more crypto entrepreneurs are turning to relevant social marketing channels and strategizing their social media marketing to get the most of their efforts.  

How does social media marketing affect Cryptocurrency?

The way blockchain and crypto projects are gaining huge traction, more and more entrepreneurs and organizations are jumping on this bandwagon to explore ways they can raise piles of money from their token sales. Nevertheless, tasks cut out for popularizing the crypto developments, monetizing from the new solutions in the domain often turn out to be a challenging one as there is less awareness and high-risk perceptions associated with these new technologies. Also, a lot of media publication resources do not encourage ads and promotional activities for crypto projects given their volatile nature and lack of government recognition for these. Therefore, it becomes important to resolve these burning issues and find ways to design the social media marketing strategies for crypto in the most effective manner.

Undoubtedly, crypto social media marketing can become one of the most significant marketing channels for today’s crypto start-ups and also blockchain firms. Let’s read further on what are the key social media marketing trends and how we can explore the existing social media crypto marketing tools to promote the crypto projects.

Best Channels for Crypto audience

Back in the early days of the introduction of Bitcoin, the preferred crypto marketing method used by cryptocurrency inventor – Satoshi Nakamoto was the email listing. He compiled emails of around 2,000 subscribers to endorse Bitcoin. However, marketers and agencies are no longer restricting to email subscriber list for promotion of their crypto projects but also designing social media marketing plans to tap into the billions of users of Facebook, YouTube and Whatsapp. Statistics show that there is a sum total of more than 5 billion users from these 3 major social media platforms. However, the total number of social media users will go up significantly if we combine users of platforms such as WeChat, Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Messenger, and Medium and so on.


Research shows that nearly 57% of the world’s total population is hooked on social media platforms and there were about 4.48 billion social media users reported as of July 2021. The numbers are projected to grow rapidly with every passing day and the reason for the increasing popularity of these social media content users is the irresistible content provided by them. These platforms satiate the hunger of people on the lookout for great crypto content. Hence, here are a few important crypto social media content tools to look out for.

Creation of Communities

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are also followers of trends on the social media platforms often find ways to build bigger communities and leverage the chance to network with potential investors and other folks in the same domain. Content creation on crypto social media enables them to form relevant communities and share their viewpoints while also allowing them to network.   Sharing the content on subreddits, chat rooms and groups provide them with an increased number of engagements and also leads to conversions for them on social media platforms.

People with similar interests on social media see the content in such crypto communities and their network, often ending up as consumers, business partnerships, and investments.

Educating Social Media Users

Crypto marketing agencies and crypto owners can utilize the powerful crypto social media platforms for the purpose of educating and creating awareness among users about their product offerings and also the lucrative deals in the crypto market. Moreover, people who are not investors can also invest in cryptocurrencies and stay well-informed about all the happenings, events, and trends without having to put in a lot of effort. As information reaches more consumers and more people start taking interest in the subject, chances of them turning into buyers and investors also get high.  

Industry news and updates

Posting breaking news on social media platforms can have a great impact on the crypto business. Any change in the crypto domain or any new government regulation – be it good news or a bad one is shared as breaking news on major social media platforms. This often helps in building up crypto communities and gives chances for crypto owners to share views and news with others. It also brings more opportunities for investments for crypto enthusiasts. 

An excellent example of the influence of breaking news on crypto business was seen last year when Elon Musk tweeted on his Twitter handle using the Bitcoin logo and emoji. The single tweet created ripples and went around the world quickly following which the crypto community continued to reel under the strong influence of its tweet for several days. Several crypto marketers used the strong social media influence for their advantage to drive up engagements in their crypto communities and lead to more conversions for their crypto projects.

Providing Customer Support and Alerts

Crypto owners and marketers can leverage the power of social media platforms to keep consumers abreast of the recent developments in their sector by sending alerts. Moreover, extending dedicated support by promptly responding to customer queries and redirecting them to the right authorities for quicker resolutions can really be helpful for them to win back the consumer confidence in their brand.

Tips to help creating effective crypto social media ads   

Despite knowing these important crypto social media marketing tools, several entrepreneurs struggle to expand the user base and engage new customers for their crypto projects. Here is some useful piece of advice about the necessary rules to follow for driving effective crypto social media marketing campaigns.  

    Crypto Social media Marketing

Set up email list

Never ignore the importance of a quality email list that can be a powerful mechanism to convert crypto social media impressions into real leads. Getting access to the mailboxes of potential customers can be quite helpful for crypto start-ups. The idea of newsletters highlighting the events in a company also goes a long way in engaging the existing consumers and increasing their interest in your crypto firm.

Hire influencers

Social media influencers can make or break your crypto company. Reach out to more and more customers with the help of popular social media influencers. Influencers have immense fan following and can get required visibility for your crypto products and service offerings. Raising awareness and effective branding goals can be achieved with the help of crypto influencers. Such crypto social media advertising is quite beneficial as the number of followers of crypto stars increase the chances for brands to record greater sales and revenues.

Crypto companies having larger budgets can also take on famous celebrities for promotion of their crypto-related products and services. However, the focus should be more on hiring strong influencers with better understanding of the topics and only targeted audience that would be interested in your crypto or blockchain solutions.  They are shown to yield better results.  

Use powerful social media marketing channels

Do research on the best social media marketing channels and come up with the best marketing plans for such platforms. Make sure you have a strong presence on major platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter and Reddit channels for creating brand awareness for a new crypto startup. Although Linkedin remains quite a favorite with the crypto brands and blockchain companies for B2B, platforms Twitter and Reddit and TikTok is also playing a critical role in meme tokens like Dogecoin.  

Create dedicated groups on social media platforms

Setting up groups on the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Medium, Telegram and Linkedin can help your crypto brand to reach out to more consumers and members directly. You can use such dedicated groups to post alerts, feeds and highlights about your crypto brand. Keep your audience in such social media platforms engaged and interested in your product or service offerings.  

Be receptive to feedback

Social media platforms can sometimes be harsh but try to learn to be receptive of honest and clear reviews and feedback about your crypto product and service offerings. Keep your communication lines open with your targeted audience and encourage them to provide you with valuable feedback.  Sometimes the harshest criticism on social media platforms can also push you to achieve your crypto business goals.  

Leverage popular crypto forums

Make the best use of cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency platforms such as Cryptotalk or Bitcointalk and set up discussion forums to engage with your targeted audience. This can undoubtedly boost your customer engagement and also help generate leads.

Summary: Crypto social media marketing can turnaround the game for your brand

It is almost impossible to imagine the crypto project without social media presence in 2022. For those who still do not realize the significance of social media platforms are missing out a great deal on the lucrative benefits that one receives from it.  

Social media is the miraculous option for branding, creating awareness and also enhancing one’s RoI for all crypto businesses. The exponential number of users on major social media platforms has greatly contributed to its usage and popularity among crypto firms. Crypto brands looking to beat their competitors certainly need to explore the social media marketing plans and campaigns or they might be left behind.

Social media marketing strategies can push your crypto brand’s visibility to great heights and also boost the business to grow at an accelerated speed. For crypto projects, the best way to boost sales, generate leads, engage consumers, enhance brand awareness and also maintain cordial client relationships is to leverage the existing crypto social networks.  

Being on all major social media platforms and devising the best social media crypto marketing strategies can help a crypto firm to enjoy customer retention, maintain efficiency, encourage innovation and also achieve long-term revenue.  Besides, designing the finest social media crypto marketing plans can also help crypto owners to build a better reputation, grow their network, and build their empire. All these help crypto brands to enhance the RoI.

Evomantra as your social media marketing partner  

The lightning speed growth of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Reddit and Facebook over the last few years has made it almost impossible to neglect the marketing world buzzword that is social media marketing. Crypto start-ups with a mission to scale up the popularity charts and establish themselves as a powerful brand name in the shortest time span should explore the crypto social media marketing plans.

Social media marketing for crypto projects will not just help in creating the much-need hype for your crypto brand’s products and services but also reach out to new customers and boost growth. When thinking of hiring the best social media marketing partner, look at our offerings. We have an experienced team of proficient marketers ready to help your brand become a force to reckon with in the crypto and blockchain domain.

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