PR for blockchain and crypto companies facilitates them with better chances to reach out to more customers. Learn more about the benefits of well-defined PR strategies and the best techniques to apply for getting the most from your crypto PR campaigns. 

Generating exposure through public relations (PR) is essential to the success of any company, regardless of the industry. With so many blockchain and crypto projects going live these days, it’s important to have a PR for blockchain campaign in place to draw attention to your business. For blockchain or crypto brands still new in the development stage first need to understand what public relations entails and how they can make it work for earning brownie points in the competitive marketing field.  

PR & Media management is vital to getting your brand known to the public. Today, blockchain projects have become a hotbed for investors––but only the ones that correctly PR for blockchain business are able to weather the storm. The blockchain industry is developing rapidly, although it is still in need of global regulation. The technology has found several use cases,  especially in major industries such as healthcare, banking and finance, supply chain, logistics, retail, automotive, public sector, consumer goods, and others.

Without just the right strategy and tactics, it’s not possible to properly represent your company or brand to potential investors and consumers. But with media coverage and management, you can present your company in a positive light with virtually unlimited opportunities for growth.

Crypto PR different from conventional PR

PR management for blockchain and Crypto PR are different from standard PR in how it approaches media channels, messages, and more. Unlike conventional forms of marketing that focus on print press releases, radio, newswire, and targeted journalists, PR in the blockchain space focuses on social media influencers––and why they’re so important. Considering most of today’s business transactions happen online, customers are more concerned about how a company operates than its overseas manufacturing processes. Many of today’s customers prefer using Facebook, Google, social media instead of visiting a company’s website––and search results will decide if they’ll purchase your product or service or not. Blockchain technology is taking over the world because of its revolutionary benefits, but companies will fail if they posture too technically or inadequately describe their services to consumers who likely won’t fully understand what they’re offering.

Why is PR necessary for Blockchain & Crypto business?

New blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses require a comprehensive PR for blockchain campaigns for their token sales to become successful fundraising projects. Usually, this requires three parts: a) initial awareness, b) digital and traditional media relations, and c) testimonials and endorsements. However, the same strategies can be used in any stage of business development as blockchain technology is relatively new in both the financial and corporate world.

As many websites have banned cryptocurrency and blockchain-related ads, the crypto project owners need to find crypto-friendly sites on which to promote their businesses and implement well-defined crypto PR distribution strategies. Using different types of content such as guest post articles and so on such platforms can also help to generate backlinks and build a better image.  Publishing PR for blockchain articles to crypto communities provides a crypto and blockchain firm with better chances to reach out to more customers.

How PR for Blockchain and Crypto Companies helps 

With over 5,000 cryptocurrencies available in the market today, gaining media attention through PR campaigns can be a means of ensuring success for your blockchain company. Here are some more reasons for which you need solid PR management for blockchain and crypto PR distribution.

Creating Awareness:

To the average citizen and potential customer, blockchain technology is a foreign idea. It also sounds complex, because it connects multiple industries, such as finance and technology. For blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to be adopted as mainstream, consumers must feel a sense of comfort with the technology. Businesses working in these industries must engage in PR for blockchain activities to make their target audiences aware of the technology. Awareness will help reduce consumers’ skepticism about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Building a brand

In a popularizing industry, PR management for blockchain agencies can help crypto and blockchain businesses get the attention they need to grow. While advertisements usually target large audiences, blockchain PR uses a sniper approach, targeting influential people who are trusted by the target audience and therefore likely to share content about ICOs and crypto companies’ offerings.

The right combination of public relations and creating regular, great content about some contentious topics can help blockchain and crypto companies be thought leaders in the field. This can drive traffic to their online presence and generate leads through their blog or media outlets. 

Effective crypto PR can build a strong web presence, crucial for an industry that claims to revolutionize and disrupt every possible economy. 

Community Building

The cryptocurrency community relies on social media to develop credibility, and it enables people to pose questions informally.  Blockchain and crypto businesses build credibility by establishing communities on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, they can improve transparency around their projects, which addresses the public’s lack of awareness of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

Designing Effective and Tailored Marketing Strategy

Marketing and public relations efforts are essential for crypto and blockchain businesses to gain influence at a time when promotional budgets are tight—the new paradigm is more than a buzzword.  To differentiate your business from the competition, you need a customized and multifaceted marketing plan that addresses both your immediate needs and long-term goals. Crypto PR professionals can help you combine multiple marketing techniques to create media-attention-grabbing campaigns designed to achieve a specific objective

Crisis Management

Public relations activities in the field of blockchain technology and digital currencies are necessary to do the much-needed damage control of the rumors spread by competitors. It is important for firms to build a trusted network and to maintain their reputation and credibility in the market. Therefore, conventional public relations methodologies such as forming a reliable network and investing in strong connections, assessing the exposure risks, vetting scenarios, and judging the outcomes—is essential aspect in shaping brand perceptions and creating the right public image for your crypto brand.

Blockchain & Crypto PR Distribution Techniques

New technology like the blockchain has opened up avenues for entrepreneurs and startups to raise capital through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), which has in turn spawned creative PR strategies. Public relations professionals continue to serve valuable roles in marketing as they help businesses create customized campaigns and implement global initiatives. They also help companies leverage their reputation and re-purpose it to drive new opportunities. ​

Crypto PR

TV & Radio exposure (broadcasting): TV ads have a greater reach than other media.  One of the most expensive options is television advertising. Despite television ads being the most expensive, they are also some of the most effective. Reaching as many people as possible is a major objective of crypto and blockchain companies that focus on building brand awareness.

Paid press release distribution (newswires): The online newsroom (or press center) is an inbound marketing tool that is highly effective for PR management for blockchain companies. The online newsroom allows you to provide your own material for journalists, influencers, and clients. You can continually push out your content by distributing it to hundreds of newswires around the world. By establishing an online newsroom, you’ll be able to control your own narrative and provide relevant press materials that journalists can access whenever they need them.

Media outreach:  One of the best ways to build your personal brand is through media outreach. News stories appearing in newspapers, magazines, and online as part of your crypto marketing and PR campaigns can help you secure positive attention for your blockchain or crypto brand. If a crypto or blockchain business does not have strong PR strategies, its message will go unheard. PR strategies should focus on forming relationships with media professionals in order to position your brand as an expert in the field.

Social Media Buzz: As with any marketing strategy, establishing social networks remains a vital part of PR and marketing. Social media platforms have evolved into new opportunities for marketing. With millions of users spread all over the world, businesses are strongly encouraged to use these tools and create a community around their brand. Such platforms have given companies a shelter where they can establish credibility and clarity about their projects with the general public.

Blogging/ Vlogging/ Articles: Providing compelling stories about your company can engage new customers, build relationships with existing customers and make you a thought-leader in your field. Companies can move up the ranks of search results by publishing blog posts that are strategic.

Previous Successful Crypto PR campaigns  

Let’s take a look at three popular examples of cryptocurrency PR campaigns that happened in the past:

Bounty Campaigns: Bounty campaigns have been a popular way to market projects by rewarding members of the crypto community with free tokens for doing things like writing blog posts, making YouTube videos, sharing content on Facebook and Twitter, or referring others to their project. A lot of crypto companies used this strategy in 2017 and many still do. 

The tasks can be completed quickly and easily, and they typically show quick results. With fast user growth across various social media, the tasks are an inexpensive way to acquire users.

Gamified contests: On the web, gamified content is used to engage people in building a community. It may seem foolish at first to give a prize away to random participants but it isn’t. Creating a series of challenges in a contest can not only drop your bounce rate and increase your time on site but also improve your reach. Offering huge cash prizes paid out in crypto also certainly adds buzz.

Future Scopes & Challenges of the Industry

Traditional marketing and PR approaches have frequently been less efficient or effective in blockchain or cryptocurrency business. This is due to the new nature of this industry, which is about more than just technological advancements and products. There are many aspects of the blockchain industry that traditional PR pros find technically challenging or impossible to communicate effectively about. Pros with a background in blockchain and crypto will tell you that the most important thing for marketing success is a unified communication strategy across all channels. The most successful crypto companies utilize the media to its full potential to spread both the value of their products as well as brand awareness.

As the open-source markets have gained popularity, thousands of projects have surfaced in every direction. A way to stand out is by using digital marketing to attract interest and gain traction.

Hiring Evomantra As A Crypto PR Firm  

When hiring a blockchain firm to help with marketing and public relations, the firm can provide your business with potential access to a pool of experience directly applicable to the world of cryptocurrency. Moreover, many PR firms are not as geared up for online media as they are for traditional media. Online PR requires a different set of skills which means you’re hiring a different type of person and effectively working on two different campaigns. By creating relationships within social channels that connect you to potential customers, like Reddit and Steemit, a blockchain marketing firm such as Evomantra can significantly expand its target market.

Evomantra as a Blockchain PR Agency is ready to help you with a blockchain marketing strategy that includes PR for ICO and social media marketing campaigns. Our team consists of specialists who’ve been working in blockchain technology for many years, as well as members of the public blockchain development community. Crypto PR Media will help you to strengthen your brand image and make a strong first impression on the market by attracting investors and partners. Blockchain PR firms such as Evomantra can be worthwhile investments if their campaigns are aimed at generating cryptocurrency-related results.

Blockchain PR firms such as Evomantra can be worthwhile investments if their campaigns are aimed at generating cryptocurrency-related results.

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