Blockchain technology is a hot topic these days. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, it’s all about blockchain these days and how this new form of the network will change the world for good! The rapid development of this revolutionary technology has led to the emergence of several communities formed around specific coins or tokens, thus facilitating a full-fledged crypto ecosystem for all participants – investors, traders, marketers, firms, and everyone else in the crypto sphere.   

The success of any crypto project is highly dependent on how engaged and involved those in charge can keep other community members around them. Without a vibrant and connected community, any crypto project will struggle to succeed. As the core layer of such an ecosystem, it’s important that they stay in touch with their users through regular updates on what is happening within this world. 

Let us start with unbundling this exceptional marketing phenomenon – crypto community management, its relevance for blockchain and crypto firms, challenges as well as important trends that hold potential for the upcoming years.

Crypto communities in a nutshell

With blockchain continuing to capture global interest at a lightning speed, the number of crypto communities is also seen growing exponentially. Members of the crypto community share a love for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH). NFTs or other such technological concepts and get together on a common platform to discuss their interests.

The best place to find crypto communities is definitely on social networking platforms like Telegram, Discord, or Reddit where you can discuss anything related to cryptocurrencies! 

If you are a crypto enthusiast then you should look for ways to join communities to stay updated with all that is happening in the crypto sphere. Such communities also offer the opportunity for recognition, discussion, and debate with other like-minded individuals. These crypto forums provide an environment where you can share your opinions on everything from current trends in cryptocurrency news all the way through how it impacts our daily lives as consumers!

Crypto communities can make a world of difference

The Crypto community forms an integral part of the crypto project and it can be a determining factor in its success or failure.  Take, for example, a scenario: When new tokens launch, many crypto enthusiasts get excited and they join the community chats to partake in relevant discussions and share views. They also use crypto communities as an important platform for publicizing their own projects without truly investing themselves into it or even developing relationships with other investors due to their short-term perspective on cryptocurrency as a whole and motivation to stay attuned to a crypto club turns weak. Soon enough they lose interest and when another token comes around these people quickly jump onto the new prospect. Well, that’s where the importance of community management comes into play! Community management is necessary to create a solid foundation for your crypto community and will help you avoid the fate of many campaigns that miss out on potential investors because they don’t have any members yet. 

Benefits of Crypto communities

Crypto entrepreneurs who are planning to launch new crypto and blockchain projects should start looking into community management now, not after their sale.   Let’s review some of the significant benefits of joining online groups that focus on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Building trust and offering a sense of inclusivity: Joining a crypto community is more than just being part of something bigger. It is about owning and feeling like you belong in what the group stands for. It doesn’t only give you the feeling that your voice matters, but it also helps shape who YOU are.

An active platform for communication: Crypto communities provide a space for open communication and forums where anyone can share their expertise

Opening vast opportunities for earning money: The crypto community is growing at an incredible rate, which means there will be more opportunities for connecting with other members and engaging in conversations. Meet-ups are another great way to explore opportunities in the crypto space and also utilize the potential of online crypto communities.

Facilitating communal support and engagement: Crypto traders, investors, marketers, and firms – all in the crypto world rely on their communities for help with anything from basic questions about how it works, to more complex queries that might arise when they are active in the crypto world. Crypto communities serve as an instrumental tool in providing the required support to all participants. There is also a team of moderators to answer every question, engage even the most non-active members and facilitate effective communication.

Reshaping customer experience: Crypto community facilitates as a great platform where all issues of a customer are addressed in an effective and timely manner. Feedback and suggestions shared by all crypto participants are acknowledged and focus is also given to delivering the best customer experience.

Exposure to diverse approaches: Coming into contact with members from diverse backgrounds, experiences, viewpoints, expertise, skills, and also strengths can work well for participants as they would be exposed to diverse techniques and approaches. 

Crypto Community

How to manage a crypto community

With the right crypto community management, your community can help you grow more quickly and efficiently. Having an official representative or two in each group will give it that extra push and also keep things in order for them. This helps gain confidence from other crypto enthusiasts that may be watching or investing in what you are working on!

There are many changes in the crypto community every day. However, as a manager of these communities, you can always fall back on some trusty tips which help you to get through any project no matter what it may be! Here are five things you might not have considered before when managing your own cryptocurrency groups or forums:

Provide Multiple Levels of Support   

By providing multiple levels of support, you can engage your entire community from new members to veteran stakeholders. This is important for crypto project management specifically because it creates a well-structured and free-flowing hierarchy that allows people in all parts of the ecosystem an opportunity at being heard when they need assistance or have questions about how things work.   

Reward Your Community

It’s important to have a rewards system for your community! Whether you do tiered metrics or top 10 rankings, rewarding participants who stick around will motivate them even more. This also encourages good behavior from everyone in the crypto space–whether they are new members looking towards getting involved with projects like yours OR veterans trying to help out where possible-you can expect an increase of connectedness and loyalty among all stakeholders as well.

Collaborate with other crypto projects and integrate with third-party apps

Find out about other crypto projects supported by other community members and look for ways to collaborate with them in order to provide value to users. An increased rate of collaborations between community members on critical crypto projects would further enhance community interactions. Besides collaborations, crypto start-ups can also look for interesting ways to integrate with third-party apps and hold polls, hackathons, events, and so on to be in the limelight in a community teeming with hundreds of crypto companies. Integrating and collaborating with apps and like-minded crypto enthusiasts would also lead to improved community functionalities.  

Know Your Community Members

The development team should focus on understanding the needs of their community members outside of projects to create long-lasting bonds within them. Knowing who they are as individuals would motivate them and make connections with other people in this crypto ecosystem, which not only helps foster engagement but also relieves some pressure from management by tapping into most involved members.

Exchange ideas and implement member feedback   

The crypto community wants to help and will often bring up amazing ideas you can implement. Receiving feedback from your audience is an important part of managing any successful project, especially one as revolutionary as blockchain technology! By working on their suggestions or analyzing constructive criticism they feel invested in the success not just for themselves but also other members within this ever-expanding network.  

A healthy community starts with the three Cs: communication, coalitions, and collaboration. You can’t control who your members are or what they do but you have some say over how these factors affect engagement in a positive way for everyone involved! Follow our guidelines below to build an engaged base of crypto followers that will grow into sustainable organizations dedicated to change together as one unitary team.

Main challenges of community management

After going through the multiple benefits of building a community, if you are planning to build a community then you also need to arm yourself with some of the grave challenges that are faced by community managers while building their community.

Lack of Motivation- Starting a community can be easy, but to actually continue building it with the same level of dedication or motivation as was at the start is the most difficult part.  Hence, lack of motivation creates a communication gap with other community members.

Content Experiments - It is critical to get clarity on the type of content that is most popular with users to engage community members and fire up discussions. Experimenting with the content types can trigger good engagement and also help in assessing the right content strategy to follow in the future. Regular posting of content also boosts engagement levels.

Ensuring active member participation – It can be challenging to ensure the active participation of new users and grow the community to strengthen it further. Community managers can try out new tricks such as posting questions and opinion polls of the day, using CTA posts to make the existing users participate.

Building a sense of belongingness among members - The toughest challenge while building or managing a community is “instilling a sense of community” in the members. Lack of belongingness among members impacts engagement levels. Hear out the voices and opinions of community members to make them feel valued and also reward them for their contributions to build a sense of belongingness.

Finding community members with similar objectives– Community managers often face the problem of finding new members whose interests align with that of the community. Approaching people on professional platforms and asking active members to refer their friends is one way of coping with this challenge.

Making your group visible: In an ever-expanding crypto world teeming with several communities, it can be quite a challenging task to make your community stand above others. One effective way to make your group visible to members having similar interests is by posting public feeds and also holding recurring meet-ups, event listings.

Finding right moderators – Often while growing a community, one focuses so much on the current pushers that they often overlook the prospective moderators needed when the community grows in order to run the community in the right direction.    

Finding pertinent solutions to the above-mentioned community building and community management problems can go a long way in promoting the community in a healthy way.

Community Management in 2022: Trends to watch out for

The Digital Report 2021 study revealed around 4.2 billion social network users present in the world and further estimated Facebook users to be around 2.74 billion people, while YouTube has 2.291 billion people to its credit.  The study also revealed around 2 billion people prefer Whatsapp, indicating the high popularity of messaging systems. Crypto marketing is a vast topic and managing crypto commuties are part of it.

Community managers need to focus on the use of messaging systems such as WhatsApp as these will continue to be in the spotlight this year. Companies are relying on these systems to engage with customers, enjoy more proximity with them, manage their customer relations, and also handle customer problems more efficiently.  Improving customer relationships through consistent content support on messaging systems and social networks can improve the brand image of the crypto company.

Experts also predict that community building companies to focus on social commerce as a powerful sales channel. The most innovative companies should look around for ways to make community management an integral part of their marketing strategy and use it in a cross-functional way to their projects to give out important communication and promote their offerings.

Key Takeaways

Community management is a critical tool to make a positive crypto brand image and boost online presence. It is important for community managers to always look out for effective trends in the space and also make the best use of social media platforms to achieve desired results. If you are new in the crypto space and wish to have a strong online presence and make a mark then you could also consider hiring the services of an effective community management agency. It will chart out a roadmap for achieving your desired marketing goals.  With the help of better community management, you could also reach out to new users and grow your community.

Create a thriving, organic crypto ecosystem by charting out a community management plan. Engage new and old users and offer value in your community to ensure that the members remain fully invested and also spend more time in the space.

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