Leverage the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit to publicize your blockchain business by running crypto ads but ensure that you follow all the regulations to avoid legal action and regulatory suspension 

Are you finding ways to market your crypto business? Look no farther than the crypto advertising space. According to reports, the majority of the consumers across the world have not yet explored the investment options in the crypto space but they plan to do the same in the near future. More and more people are taking interest in the crypto trade with cryptocurrencies becoming the latest fad and a lot more are expected to jump on the bandwagon with the increasing popularity. The market for crypto businesses is expanding and the best possible way to tap opportunities in the ever-growing market is to put on crypto ads on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Crypto ads social media can be tricky as there are new rules and stringent approaches followed on cryptocurrencies by social media platforms but mastering the art of running advertisements on them can turn out to be highly beneficial for branding purposes.

Major social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook are key parts of promotion and can help crypto brands to reach out to a far wider audience and establish their footing in the industry. Given that these platforms have the highest and ever-expanding user base, running ads on them by crypto firms can be the most sensible thing to do in terms of social media marketing and branding. However, despite knowing that running crypto ads on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit are integral parts of the crypto social media marketing campaigns and can bring about more investors and users, several users fail to accomplish their marketing goals because of the challenges faced on them for putting ads.

Why did Social Media Platforms ban Crypto Ads?

Since the past few years, the connection between major social media platforms and crypto advertising has been more like a Tom and Jerry game. In fact, there have been many occasions where social media giants have come out with strict announcements on banning crypto ads on their platforms. But often they take a u-turn with regard to their stance on the ban of crypto ads and again make their platforms a free market for crypt firms to use them for social media campaigning. However, their uncertainty often creates a lot of confusion among crypto marketers.  A lot of crypto owners remain unsure about the status of crypto ad posting on major social platforms.

One of the main reasons attributed to the ban on social media platforms for crypto ads is the rising incidences of cyber thefts, scams occurring in the name of advertising cryptos.  Reports site the rise in global cryptocurrency to 513 million in 2020 from $370.7 million in 2019.  The major social media platform –Facebook decided to block crypto promotional ads way back in 2018 in order to put a curb on the increasing fraudulent activities on the platform. It introduced policies that prevent the promotion of financial products and services and made it clear to focus on detecting unreliable advertising practices.

Twitter followed Facebook’s stringent approach towards crypto ads and designed the restricted content policies around the financial services in the same year as Facebook. As per Twitter’s policies, the crypto ads pertaining to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and also token sales were prohibited at a global scale. This was done with the objective to ensure the safety of the popular social media platform community.

Reddit put a ban on crypto ads back in 2016 and introduced policies for prohibiting promotions of unsubstantiated financial products and services, tradable assets, and single securities. The reason stated by it is quite similar to that of the other two social media giants – Facebook and Twitter.  However, it was quite a surprising move by Reddit since it has a larger number of cryptocurrency followers and this decision was a setback for them.

Recent developments with Google and Social Platforms allowing Crypto Ads

The tech giant – Google too imposed bans on all crypt promotional ads and initial coin offerings (ICOs) in March 2021. This served a blow to the promotional campaigns planned by crypto owners to brand their crypto, including wallets, exchanges, and platforms on the biggest search engine. However, it revised the policy in June the same year to let only selected companies get support from its advertising network, and thus the ads promoting crypto products and services were back on Google. The announcement to allow only select companies to run crypto ads was taken with a view that the blockchain and crypto had matured over the years and fraudulent activities can be detected.

How to get your Ads approved for Reddit

Reddit is one of the best platforms to run crypto ads and getting the advertisements for crypto promotions approved can be quite straightforward. A few years back, this major social media platform made it impossible for crypto to advertise their business by running ads but it has altered its policies now to run crypto Reddit marketing. A number of blockchain and crypto companies are using the platform for running advertisements on the platforms and also recording impressive business growth and success on the platform.

Crypto Ads

There are restrictions in place for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies to run ads on Reddit but slowly this is changing, and crypto ads are now approved depending on the types of crypto tokens, exchanges, or companies doing that.

Step by step guide on running crypt ads on Twitter

  • The first step is to create a Reddit Ads account. You need to provide relevant information concerning the business username that would reflect on the ads, company name, password, email address, first and the last name, industry, country as well as contact number of your business representative.
  • Choose the “financial services” option under the industry tab and review the ad policy popping up after submission.
  • Read the policies thoroughly to understand the kind of content they are okay with posting crypto ads.  
  • Tick the box stating you are associated with an advertising/marketing agency and sign up.
  •  You would also need to verify your email address and once that is done you can go back to creating the campaign dashboard.
  •  Provide details about the campaign name and also give the required payment to complete the procedure.   
  •  Failure to conform to the ad rules by Reddit can lead to suspension or cancellation of your account.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the ad policy before running crypto ads on the platform. Given that cryptocurrencies are already the subject of controversy, your ads promoting your crypto products and services can also be scrutinized in great detail. However, appointing a Reddit Ads Sales Representative can help you have a smooth run of your Reddit crypto ad.

How to get your Ads approved for Twitter

More crypto marketers are keen on advertising their business on Twitter largely because spreading the word about their venture on this social media platform gives quicker results than anywhere else. You can reach out to a wider audience and get the word out for your crypt products and platform by simply tweeting about it. Moreover, tweets on the same domain help crypt owners to stay updated in contrast to other platforms where study materials dating back to a few days or even a couple of weeks are found that may be unsuitable to run for promotions. Hence, Twitter serves as the best advertising platform for running crypto ads and the crypto communities can stay updated about every event and activity in the space with the tweets flooding the platform.

Crypto advertising agencies can make the best use of threads, announcements, features, updates, and tweets and also come out with funny memes to publicize their crypto business.   

Step by step guide on running crypto ads on Twitter

  • The first step is to set up a Twitter account where you can advertise your crypto business.  
  •  The second step is to create a short and compact Twitter Bio to attract followers to your business. Including the link to your crypto website and email but at the same time avoiding the crypto hashtags can be quite beneficial.
  • Make sure you choose the cover photo wisely on Twitter. Often people end up using any random image for their cover photo and hence this can be detrimental for running crypto ads on Twitter.  The right cover image can have a positive impact on your crypto business and it is the first thing that people get to see when they land on your page. An image can speak a lot about your business and its offerings.
  • Choose to pin your tweets to spread the word about your crypto business.  A tweet of high performance can work to your advantage when you choose to use it for your promotion of crypto business. Put hashtags and pin tweets about your crypto firm.  

How to get your Ads approved for Facebook

Crypto business owners can use Facebook to run crypto advertising on their platforms without much hassle. However, they require organizations and agencies to follow all the ad policies, failure of doing so could otherwise lead to account suspension. Apply for Facebook crypto promotions for getting approval. Provide relevant details and proof of regulatory licenses and submit documents testifying that your crypto business appears on a public stock exchange when traded.

Read Facebook’s terms and conditions for crypto advertisements carefully to ensure that your crypto ads are run on the platform as per the stipulated rules and anyone failing to follow the rules can be suspended from using the platform. Facebook also reserves the right to approve or reject your application and ads can also be withdrawn from the platform with or without notice.

Hence, Facebook holds the ultimate say on running crypto ads on the platform. It also seeks cooperation and complete support from the advertisement carriers in case there is any regulatory action or legal inquiry wholly or partly being carried out with regard to the use of Facebook for running ads.  

Step by step guide on running crypto ads on Facebook

  • Getting started with running crypto ads on Facebook is quite easy but one needs to ensure that they are following all ad policies and conforming to the rules as formulated by this social media giant.
  • The first step is to log in to Facebook and send a cryptocurrency product and services onboarding request.
  •  You will also need to provide reasons for application when filling up the Facebook crypto ad running request.
  •   Give in all the relevant details such as Facebook account ID and also provide the website domain and related business information when opening the crypto ad running account on the platform.
  • It is also necessary for users to provide other details such as registered business name, proper address of the business, and also country email address.
  • Users are also required to furnish a brief description of the financial products, crypto services, or other cryptocurrency-related content that they wish to publicize through the advertisements on the platform.  
  •  After filling in the details also click on the Facebook Cryptocurrency Ads Addendum and submit all necessary information there.

Final thoughts

Over the last few months, many major social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter are reassessing their strict approach towards crypto ads. These major platforms are slowly and partially lifting bans on using their platforms for crypto ads as they are realizing the need to provide their network to help crypto brands boost branding and create awareness about their product and service offerings. Crypto businesses need to leverage these platforms and take a closer look at the evolving approach of these social media giants to pounce at the right opportunities when advertising for their crypto business.

With the crypto market showing no signs of slowing down and digital ad spending rising on social media platforms, it’s a no-brainer for businesses in the domain to make optimum use of these channels. In fact, major social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google are gradually opening doors of acceptance and loosening the nose on crypto ads after banning them. As more funds flow in the advertising space, there are big opportunities for crypto brands and advertising agencies to capitalize on this growing ad market.   

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